Born2win Fitness was founded in 2018 by Cameron Thompson. Since it's opening over 100 Chicago area residents have benefitted from both the Boot Camps and personal training sessions.


At Born 2 Win Fitness we have taken Functional fitness to the next level. Our programs can benefit every person regardless of fitness level, age, exercise experience or time available for training. Functional training programs can help improve definition, burn calories, enhance endurance and promote muscle growth and/ strength. The key to our functional training workout is moving in multiple directions, at a number of different speeds and using a wide variety of exercise equipment to ensure engagement of every muscle in the body.

Improved Movement Patterns:

We understand that the human body is made to move. Functional training means that exercises are based on movement patterns, not isolated muscle actions. Human movement can be organized into specific patterns like the hinge, squat, lunge, push, pull and rotation. These are everyday functional movements that we incorporate in our programs for maximum efficiency.

Improved Movement Efficiency:

Not only do our programs help day-to-day life but they also tremendously improve our athletes' performance. Functional patterns are used to help athletes perform at the highest level of their sport.  Our programs help to reduce the risk of injury by improving overall coordination and mobility. We have designed exercise programs based on movement patterns to help our athletes function more efficiently in competition. We use both functional strength training methods as well as strength training machines for activation.

Improved Physique:

Functional training uses multiple muscle groups at the same time, which also could help develop a leaner, more athletic-looking body.  The reason why many athletes and dancers have toned bodies is because they are performing movements that use the entire body.

Improved Mental Health:

Exercise as a whole helps to reduce stress and anxiety which helps to maintain regular sleep patterns. Because fitness can improve your performance of day-to-day tasks it helps to create a sense of independence and self confidence. These benefits along with many others ultimately promote a higher quality of life.


Cameron Thompson

Cameron's self transformation into the gym has allowed him to develop his own style of strength training which has already helped countless people take their fitness journey to the next level. Having a deep understanding of body mechanics, Cameron has already helped many clients lose weight quickly and efficiently. On top of weight loss, his strength training has helped customers and other personal trainers alike gain better results than traditional personal training. Cameron has a good understanding of how and when to push people for them to develop their inner strength, which is a quality that traditional personal trainers lack.

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